Chat excerpt: Volcano Trouble

April 20, 2010

BOFF: they say there might be food shortages
BOFF: or is that just sensationalist media having some fun?

HSG: at this stage the only shortages seem to be exotic fruit and veg
HSG: and international mail is taking longer

BOFF: dragonfruit?


BOFF: ok so it’s probably not too bad

HSG: yeah, i can live without kiwi fruit for a bit
HSG: i have not noticed any food shortages, myself

BOFF: any short people?

HSG: there is a midget shortage
HSG: normally they get parachuted in on thursdays

BOFF: fuck

HSG: i wait all week for those fucking midgets

BOFF: i’m so sorry
BOFF: i know i know

HSG: i’m gutted

One comment

  1. Tee-hee! :-D

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