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Nucular Christmas.

December 16, 2008

Yesterday – twenty-four years too late – I finally got around to watching Threads, the 1984 UK docudrama about the aftermath of nuclear war.  Man alive; that was one harrowing televisual experience and no mistake.  It put me in a deep funk that could not be assuaged even with chocolate biscuits. There are only so many charred accountants and melted housewives you can stomach on a Sunday afternoon.

Luckily for me, three hours later I had an appointment to see Wayne Coyne introduce his film Christmas on Mars at the Barbican.  I was hoping for an antidote of sorts, but in fact it was suprisingly boring (imagine a student film aiming for “Plan 9 meets Dead Man meets Eraserhead” but ending up instead as a tedious semiotic montage of Nude Baby meets Giant Vagina meets Santa Claus).

Still: great nap.  Best cinema nap ever!  (Well, second best, after the one I had in 1997 during the re-released Return of the Jedi.  That high-quality hour of REM sleep – accompanied as it was by the roaring surround sound of speeder bikes zooming through the forests of Endor – remains one of my life’s high points.)

It must be said, however, that Christmas on Mars’s dullness was tempered by Coyne introducing it in person.  He’s such a jaunty, life-affirming presence I’ll forgive him almost any transgression.

So at least I wasn’t thinking about nuclear winter when I left.

Which was nice.