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December 13, 2007

1. The robot announcer on the Stanstead Express is an almost perfect fascimile of Michael Caine. ‘Ullo, Sweden.

2. Copenhagen airport has a lit, decorated xmas tree on the grassed no-mans-land between the runways. The plane taxis past it and little apple red lights cut through a sheet of mist.

3. Train from Malmo to Gothenburg. Copses of ghost trees, a red crust of fallen leaves, ploughed wet earth. Sloped copper roofs. Sky of blemished steel. You know, shit like that.

4. Some guy with a piano accordion, on a street corner, playing the best “faux-authentic peak holiday experience music” I’ve heard all evening.

5. A junk shop hat made from a grey poodle. Not purchased. I now regret this.

6. There was stage-diving at a Harvey Williams gig and I missed it. I will never forgive myself.

7. Souvenirs from past trips include: a centipede in resin, a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass, a striped tie. But nothing this time.