Holding Pattern.

March 15, 2007

Er, I am still alive. And have limbs to type with. And fully intend to provide you with more scintilliating details about my life: eating snacks, tripping over things, accidentally setting fire to pelicans.  Cue excuses, and empty promises. Seriously, though, and no foolin’: I’ll be back.


One comment

  1. Good to hear … my RSS feed awaits another slug from beeland. On another note, I notice you also read Freaky Trigger – I like their hit parade, and was wondering about whether it would be worth doing a kind of weekly post on #1 singles on the Australian charts from the 1980s onwards. The only problem being that unlike the UK charts, in Oz the hit songs just keep on staying at number one for like, months at a time. Then again, how cool that “Pass the Dutchie” was a number 1 single in Australia. No one does that. It’s, like, bulk ace, freelance and fully untold – never food court. Okay I’ll shut up now.


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